Volume 3 Issue 1 (2022)

The contributions to this issue centre around the theme of “Disruption”. By adopting this theme, we aimed to capture a wide range of disruptive events that have been happening to and within the cultural and creative industries in the recent years.

Kateryna Sivak and Vincent Obia

Working with(in) Disruption: Remembering the Tensions in Pre-Covid Media Production Education
Dafydd Sills-Jones, Rufus McEwan, Anna Jackson

“It’s Like Trying to Crawl Up a Helter-Skelter”: Amplification of Precarity in Creative Labour by Austerity Measures and the UK Welfare System
Laura Parsons

The Im/Possibilities of Digitizing Caribbean Carnival
Maica Gugolati, Hanna Klien-Thomas

Building Back Better?: The Possibilities of Change and Role of the Union for the UK Film and Television Costume Workforce
Tiffany Bale

Press Pause: Distracted Spectatorship in the Streaming Era
Leona Heimfeld

It’s Us!: Embracing Disruption through Feminist Approaches to Video Editing
Sophie Swoffer

Recycle Archaeology: Community Reuse of Archaeological Disposals
Marley Treloar

“Lead on, Spirit!”: The Potential of the Spectral Metaphor in 21st Century Heritage
Ellen Lillywhite


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Collection of letters by Emily Scarrott

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Think piece by Andrea Jaeger

The D.H. Lawrence Memory Theatre: Rethinking Literary Heritage and the Traditional Dissertation
Paper by James Walker


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