Studio is a recent addition to the journal, a space designed to encourage exchange and debate through shorter think-pieces (500-1000 words), observations, and experimental works in various multimedia formats.

This is a rolling section, which means that we welcome contributions to it throughout the year. The contributions can address the theme of a current journal issue or explore any relevant aspect of the cultural and creative industries within the journal’s focus (please see About us page for the details). If you are interested in contributing to this section and would like to discuss your ideas, please get in touch with the editors: Kateryna Sivak and Vincent Obia


Sounding Together

Podcast by Roshni Bhagotra


Service Learning in Arts Management Education: A Case of Creative Living and Learning

Article by Meg Peterson


The Art School and Social Mobility

Article by Gabriella Wills


Letters to the Disruptor

Collection of letters by Emily Scarrott


Light Kissing

Think piece by Andrea Jaeger


The D.H. Lawrence Memory Theatre: Rethinking Literary Heritage and the Traditional Dissertation

Paper by James Walker


Man-up, Please: Pakistan’s Fetish with Sons

Podcast by Saba Karim Khan