Volume 2 Issue 1 (2021)

The first issue since the rebranding of the journal focuses on the theme of ‘Alternativity’, featuring a range of contributions from researchers across the UK and beyond.

Kateryna Sivak and Vincent Adakole Obia

Negotiating Alternative Linguistic Practices: The Struggle between Verlan Usage and the Académie Française
Rana Noor Mohamed

Breath Awareness for Dancers in Higher Education: Somatic Practice as an Alternative Approach to Movement Education
Maisie Beth James

Are Social Media Users Publishers? Alternative Regulation of Social Media in Selected African Countries
Vincent Adakole Obia

Unconventional Craft Identities: Acknowledging Alternative Approaches to Enterprise in Scottish Craft
Lauren Baker

The Author is Cancelled, Long Live the Author(s): Alternative Authorial Authorities and Fluid Authorship in the Wizarding World
Valentina Anania

Entrepreneurial ‘Insta-Drag’: An Analysis of Nottingham Based Drag Performers’ Social Media Profiles
Zack Ditch

Alternative as Mainstream? Interrogating Informality in Non-Western Media Economies
Kateryna Sivak


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