Issue 2: Call for Papers

Call for papers

The editorial team of Creative Industries Cluster Journal (CICJ) invite creative practitioners, PhD, MA students and BCMCR staff to submit 300-word abstracts for the second issue of the journal.

The theme for this issue is ‘“Borders and Hinterlands”. We would like to explore creative and cultural practice that exists beyond the margins of cultural policy and commercial markets. This issue will platform original perspectives on the functioning, role and value of cultural activity that exists beyond the reach of official policy and commercial cultural production. This takes in, among other things, activity that is often conceptualised as ‘grassroots’, ‘voluntary’, ‘amateur’, ‘homemade’ ‘everyday’ or ‘alternative’ cultural production and consumption.

In this issue we want to ask: Where are the edges of ‘official culture’ and/or ‘mainstream’ culture? How are cultural borders and hinterlands formed or altered? What sustains marginal activity in a cultural hinterland? What is the role of ‘hinterland’ culture in addressing complex societal issues? How do cultural borders and hinterlands relate to identity, belonging, cultural value and social capital?

Contributions can either address the theme of ‘    Borders and Hinterlands’ directly, or critique existing research by considering its implications through the lens of the ‘borders and hinterlands’ theme.

Submissions can include media responses (Podcasts, video, images, games etc). Video or Audio submissions should not exceed 45 minutes in length and be in a file format suitable for hosting on Word Press. Written submissions should be 2,000-4,000 words.

Four contributions will be published on the 14th June 2019. The URL for the journal is Editorial guidelines can also be found on this website.

Deadline for 300-word abstracts is 1st February 2019

Please include your name, institution, contact email and bio.

Full submissions will be invited by the 15th February and expected by the 15th April. The Journal edition will be published 14th June 2019. All contributions published by CICJ will be considered by the whole editorial panel, and peer reviewed by two editors before publication.

Please email proposals to the Editors:

Managing Editor: Martin Cox

Editor: Jill Robinson


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